Thursday, July 14, 2005

Twas the night before, well, the next morning...
... and all through the house, not a creature was stirring - except for Aidan.

I'm not sure what the deal is, Aidan continues to wake up at least once in the middle of the night, generally around 1:30am these days. He'll wake up, take his Aidan sized, white blanket with satin trim and exit his room, turning to shut the door behind him, and toddle down to his sleepless parents room. He's not really awake, but not really asleep either. It doesn't normally take much more then picking him up, carting him back to his room and placing him back on his bed and he's nearly fast asleep. The key word being 'nearly'. He will lay there, not moving, breathing as if he's asleep, but the minute I try to exit the room, WHAM! there it is, the half hearted effort at a whine - the indication that he's not asleep, and I'm not going to be able to leave until he is. Yippie.

This morning was a slight turn on the normal routine however. Aidan, in his setting out on his nightly excursion, didn't quite get his feet on the floor as gracefully as is his norm. Ma in her 'kerchief heard the thud milliseconds before I in my cap leapt up before I had actually woken up - landing nearly flat on the floor myself while the 'I've fallen and I can't get up' cry continued to emanate from Master Aidan's end of the hallway. Still half asleep, my hands and feet seemingly emulating that of the Roadrunner cartoon character, spinning round and round until I was actually upright and moving forward towards the cry - my progress only momentarily interrupted as I became one with our partially closed bedroom door.

Recovering, opening the partially ajar door the full extent, I continued down the hallway like a bumpercar with a drunken teenager behind the wheel, bouncing off one wall, then the opposite railing until I arrived at Aidan's room where, it being too dark to see and not wanting to turn on the light, I resumed my previously unintentional position on all fours and made my way towards the tired cries of one who had fallen out of bed. There was Aidan, sprawled out on the floor, face first and none too happy about it.

I picked him up, sort of, however in my still not quite fully awake state and it being dark, I managed to mishandle my young offspring and he returned the few inches to the floor with a minor thud. That certainly didn't seem to help the situation.

I did recover, and was able to successfully get Aidan off the floor, console him until he stopped crying, get him back into his bed, wait for the tell tail sign of constant breathing and begin heading out of the room. Then there it was. The floor creaked as I walked over it, followed immediately by the well known, half asleep whimper from the bed. At least by this time I was fully awake. Lucky me.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

New Shoes, Part Deux.

As Aidan has continues to grow, his feet have certainly kept up making his first pair of $50 shoes too small. This, of course, meant that his ever grateful for the parenting experience father was about to shell out yet another huge sum for stitched material, which, if laid out, wouldn’t cover a squirrel. Off to our favorite, you’ll be a bad parent if you don’t shop here for your children’s shoes, store sporting the ‘Nordy’ mascot in search of a new pair of tennis shoes. I had done my homework and found that the main thing to look for this go round was flexibility in the shoe. Armed with this knowledge off Mini-Me and I went.

Entering the shoe land of wee, the two of us were immediately approached by a sales girl/lady/woman all of 19 years old who must be participating in the summer employment program. She asked what we were looking for and I explained that we were in need of new shoes and, using the only card I had, explained that they must provide great flexibility. She said they all had good flexibility. So much for my homework. Next on the list was what kind of securing mechanism the shoes should have. I immediately expressed that the shoes should have no Velcro – as Aidan had already figured out this easy method of securing his Tivas to his feet and how to immediately take them off. So regular old laces were the shoe type of choice for me and my young son. It amazed me that of the what appeared to be 500 different types of shoes available, my proclamation of the laces only criteria seemed to limit our choices down to only four pairs.

After exercising my extensive knowledge of children’s shoes by testing the flexibility of each, I decided on a pair which was dark blue in color – so as not to show so much dirt (a brilliant move on my part I thought) and off our little 19 year old pixie sales girl went to the back room to get the shoes in the appropriate size.

Upon returning with three boxes of shoes under her arm, she explained that the pair we had selected were no longer available in the size needed, so we were back to step 1, selecting a shoe from our list of now only three options. One an ugly brown and two white. We went with one of the white pairs, produced by Strideright. A company, I’m told, that only makes children’s shoes - so how could that be a bad choice? Much to my shock and pleasant surprise, these new, larger shoes where less expensive then the first pair! It must have been a pricing mistake! That couldn’t actually be the case – more material for less cost?! Be still my foolish, early stages of parent hood, wallet! We wrapped up our transaction and stayed under the $40/pair mark – still outrageous for such a small set of shoes but, if this trend continues, his first pair of school shoes should be nearly free.

Aidan and I left with Aidan wearing his new shoes, his old ones in the box and a olive green Nordstrom Shoes balloon. So far he seems to like them and, after getting used to the slightly longer length causing some initial trip-ups, seems to be adjusting well and hasn’t lost any of his blazing, I’m going to run down the mall corridor and see if you can catch me speed.

We’re now in the 17th month ...
...and it has been a while since the last Aidan blog entry. It must be about time for a new one. The problem is, as I’ve noted before, there just are not that many ‘new’ things going on in the life of Aidan. He’s just growing up – he hasn’t found a job yet, probably due to those silly child labor laws (no wonder Kathy Lee had to tap the off-shore labor pool) – but growing up none the less.

Aidan has taken a keen interest water. Not that he hadn’t shown a liking for it in terms of his nightly bath, but the entire family took a trip down to the Kirkland shores of Lake Washington on a recent sunny, warm afternoon and young tadpole Aidan spent nearly an hour just playing in the water. Not really figuring that Aidan would really go in any deeper then the cuffs of his rolled up over his knees pant legs we didn’t bring any shorts or change of clothes with us – big mistake. Within the first 10 minutes, Aidan had already wanted to wander further out into the deeper water, sat down in the water, tripped and caught himself, face first, on the sandy shore’s water line. He was very wet and his no longer ready for prime time diaper had sucked up about half of the lakes available water causing it to bulge to the point of looking like it’s seems would split and causing his pants to continually be forced in to something akin to that sported by many plumbers.

Aidan enjoyed the water, dragging his old dad further out into the lake until my shorts were starting to get wet and, as much as Aidan would stretch further out, he was restrained by my tight grasp on his hand and wrist. Then we discovered ducks.

Ducks, of course, were even further out into the water and Aidan wanted to get an up close and personal introduction which, of course, he could not as no-fun dad didn’t want to get any wetter then I already was. After Aidan expressed his displeasure at my decision we proceeded to chase the ducks which had come in a bit closer to shore. Aidan never did catch one.

When it was time to return home, Aidan loudly expressed his displeasure at being removed from the water – and continued to express this opinion all the way back to the truck where he was stripped down and placed, naked (again we had no alternate set of clothes for him) in his car seat, sitting on his t-shirt (which I had removed so as to not have it totally drenched). Aidan continued his discourse of displeasure all the way home. What a delight.

This month’s word usage:
Water, Please (thank you seems to come out Ga-Ga for some reason, but he is at least consistant in using it), Cracker, Teva, Shoes, Pants, Up, Down, Ball, Doggie, Daddy (replacing Da-Da), Pappa, Tree, Bush, Teeth, Eye, Car, Go, Ella, Momma, No, Hot, Light, Pee-Pee, Bath, and, of course, Barney.