Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Well, Aidan and I both share something else (besides DNA) these days - a cold. Yes, both of us are hacking, wheezing and coughing at each other. Aidan's seemed to have dropped into his lungs and Anya took him into the doctor to get checked out. Yes, Aidan had a respiratory infection and required medication admistered by something akin to an oxygen mask - providing a mix of two chemicals which create a vapor that is inhaled. Even with it's cute, dinosaur like look to it, Aidan just doesn't like having the thing strapped over his face - not that I can blame him. I do have to say that while we both seem to have colds, Aidan is dealing much better with his then I am mine. He still smiles, giggles and seems to still be enjoying the life of a newborn while I tired, certainly not a newborn and grumpy (ask Anya, I'm sure she'll verify :) ) Overall Aidan is taking his first medical setback very well and we're confidant that his new inhaled medication will quickly bring him back up to speed. I, on the other hand am continuing to look for a stronger daytime cold relief medication to wash down with my Tall, Non-fat, vanilla latte.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

This week we have two important advances in baby development! Thumb sucking and laughter! Ok, one is certainly more entertaining then the other - although I guess that depends on your point of view - from Aidan's viewpoint, the thumbsucking may be far more entertaining. He's been working on it for some time now, getting his entire fist up to his face, then to his mouth. This week he's been able to extend the thumb and get it inserted into his mouth, although he doesn't seem to be doing much sucking on it yet but I'm sure that's not to far away. I'm not sure that he's so much into sucking his thumb as it is that he figured out it's much easier to get a single thumb in then it is his entire fist.

Other developments would include his outgrowing his current set of clothes! Aidan's been growing like a weed, more out then up, but you have to start somewhere! For those interested, there is a web page of Aidan pictures at Aidan Pictures.

Also, three words... Drool Drool Drool.. Boy, can one kid drool so much and not need to carry a camel back to keep hydrated???

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

About the time that Anya and I figured we'd never get any full night sleep ever again Aidan hit the 10lb mark - and suddenly started sleeping through the night! Yeah! Sure, he still woke up at 4am but it was a start! These days Aidan falls asleep and gets put to bed around 10pm and sleeps until around 7am where he wakes up, takes a quick snack, then back to sleep for a couple more hours. It's Great! Well, I can say it's great, because I leave for work before 7am, so I'm already up; Anya on the other hand... Well, she never really gets a chance to sleep in. I'd feel bad for her if she didn't often go to bed before I did - as I generally am the one who waits for Aidan to go to sleep and then put him in his crib.

Which brings up another set of milestones which we as parents were lucky to quickly rush by. Aidan only spent the first week or so asleep with us in our bed... This worked out well in that Anya didn't have to move much for the every 2-2.5 hour feedings. After the first week, Aidan transitioned to a bassinet which was positioned next to our bed without much of a fuss. At first there was a little fuss and we used the heating pad under a towel on top of the mattress of the bassinet trick. But after a few nights this wasn't even needed. After a couple of weeks, maybe three, of sleeping in the bassinet, I just put him down in his crib, in his own room and he's been sleeping there ever since. Overall, after hearing the stories of other new parents with a baby born around the same time as Aidan, I have to say we've been very lucky; we have a not terribly fussy son who is sleeping through the night in his own room and crib. Nothing to complain about there.

Aidan is also nearly an old hat around boats! Only two weeks after he was born Aidan was along with us at the Seattle Boats-a-Float show on lake union - being pushed around in his, must have been designed by NASA, folds in on itself, ski binding like car seat adapted, must be four wheel drive and make coffee for you (there must be a button for that which I haven't found) stroller. Aidan was brought on board a number of 'don't even think of it unless you are only 30-35 years old and already retired because you got out of your vested DotCom stock before it plummeted to $0' boats. But he seemed to enjoy looking around and being outside - when he was actually awake.

We've also taken him out on our 22' Sea Ray three times! Yes, we did get him a little infant life vest, not that he likes it much, but we have it on the boat. Shortly thereafter we sold the 22' boat in favor of a larger 35' boat with more room for baby stuff - at least that's the rational we're using for moving up to the larger boat :) - and Aidan has been out on that boat as well! He doesn't really seem to realize that he's out on a boat, he just likes to look around at anything that's within 5 feet of him - the floor, seat backs, anything with some color to it - but I'm not going to complain.

And that's about it. So now Aidan is a little over 3 months old (note: personally I don't like the 'he's X weeks old', I have no idea how many weeks old he is, I have no idea how what day it is, let alone keeping track of the number of weeks old Aidan is - I know he's over thee months, but less then four - and besides, I don't think he's holding it against me) and loves standing up, with a little bit of help. He's been doing that for well over a month (that would be a bit over 4 weeks for those of you who only count in number of weeks) now and is sometimes even upset if he's not standing up looking around. He's a continual eater who is starting to get that chubby baby look to him, with baby fat creases around his neck, wrists and feet - on him it's cute, the same thing on me, not so much, funny how that happens, somewhere around the 1,560 week mark.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Well, ok, so I'm a little late in getting this blog going, I mean the kid is already over 3 months old now. But, better late then never.

The First Month
Well, first, he was born... Overall, given all the horror stories that we were told, the experience actually went very smoothly. We showed up at the hospital, they drugged up Anya, and about 4 hours of labor later, out pops baby Aidan. He wasn't really moving, making noise, and was a bit blue when he arrived. The doctor immediately sucked out the fluids from his nose and throat, and got him breathing - whew! Then the nurses whisked him off, cleaned him up, weighed him and wrapped him up - all in what seemed to be mere seconds. A day later, we were sent home. The best part, other then the obvious, was the never ending supply of puddings kept in the 'fathers to be' snack fridge....

On Day three of Aidan's arrival - he found he had lungs and could make noise - and boy did he excercise those lungs! - for about the rest of the next month. for some odd reason, he didn't immediatley know or adapt to his parents sleeping schedule - he seemed to have a schedule all his own! and he didn't really enjoy going to sleep... so baby Aidan and I spent quite a number of nights on the couch so that Anya could get some rest before having to wake up and feed Aidan again. This routine got very old very quickly.