Monday, April 25, 2005

Here a stone, There a stone, everywhere a milestone.

I’ve found that the life changing (or should that be transforming) events that seemed to come on a near daily basis in the first few months of Aidan’s life, are more difficult to come by these days. Sure, they still exist, but in the form of minor modifications rather then the ‘one giant leap for baby kind’ type. Back in the day, it was cute and funny when Aidan would sneeze – now it is just annoying when, as I am holding him, he does it right in my face (I am sure it is on purpose, but I cannot yet prove it).

Before, Aidan’s first steps were a monumental occasion! Currently there is no stopping him. The only real change in this area is speed. Each week Aidan seems to gain more coordination allowing him to first run, and then run increasingly faster. Sure, his arms and hands are still flailing away at his side, which is fun to watch, but he’s too young to understand if I teased him about it. That will have to wait for next year. On the upside – he’s still wearing his $50 ‘let’s gouge the new parents for as much as we can on baby’s first solid footwear’ shoes. But lest I forget, the $50 did include a ‘free’ Nordy and a Polaroid – worth the Grant I’m sure.

Aidan did have his first haircut this past weekend, which is itself a milestone. He is now no longer looking like the love child being raised by a hippy commune, but more like a well-groomed little boy. He sat in the barber chair with his mother, not making a discontented sound the entire time. What a fine, cooperative little hippy commune looking 15 month old he was. And there I was, the ‘I can’t believe he’s doing that – he must be a new father’ guy, capturing the entire event on video – not missing a snip of the scissors or a falling lock of hair (much of which was saved, sealed in an envelop for prosperity – maybe I’ll have some of it bronzed).

Aidan also has his second wave of teeth coming in, six, possibly eight (depending on viewing angle and available lighting) more poking through. Just what he needs for those unannounced, sneak attack, ‘I’m going to spin around and bite daddy’s face for fun’ moments.

Other mini milestones of note:
• Moving from ‘onesies’ outfits to mini polo shirts and pants
• Adding Teva’s to his footwear arsenal
• Eating more real ‘people’ food, less Gerber.
• Sucking liquid through a straw
• Adding more words to his vocabulary
• Actual understanding when his parents talk to him and taking direction such as (go get your hat)