Sunday, January 09, 2005

Last Post
When I started writing this blog I thought it would be a fun and interesting thing to do - what did I know, I was still awash in new parenthood bliss. I told myself that I would continue posting until Aidan was one year old - documenting along the way my experiences in dealing with being a new dad, with coping with sleepless nights and the different events that happened along the way.

It has certainly been an eventful first year; one starting out with Aidan's arrival and his having to be brought to life after being born as he wasn't breathing and blue, to tonight where Anya just put him to bed for his last night as a pre one year old. When he wakes up in the morning it will be past the time he was born and he will officially be a one year old. It's been a long road this first year, yet it seems to have gone by in just the blink of an eye. From the tiny newborn who wouldn’t open his eyes to the toddler who rarely closes his mouth - and all the many diapers and milestones in between.

It's been a fun, entertaining, educational, sleepless, many times frustrating but overall very rewarding experience which I thank Aidan for. It's been a great 12 month ride and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Monday, January 03, 2005

New Shoes
We decided that Aidan was starting to out grow his baby slippers which had started to show quite a bit of wear and tear in addition to starting to be a little too small. My fine wife decided to go out and find him some new shoes, real shoes for his now walking around feet.

Someone $#%@#$^%^ explain to me how tiny infant/toddler shoes can cost more then the cross training/gym shoes I buy for myself??? How does that happen? Sure, little Aidan was provided with his own personal 'nordy' stuffed animal and provided with a picture of him wearing 'baby's first shoes', but come on - I'm sure aidan's parents would be much more pleased to do without the .05 worth of stuffed animal corporate advertisement and memento of a shopping trip in lieu of a lower price on shoes that don't seem to have much more material to them then a Brazilian thong bikini. Is there some 600% profit margin on baby shoes? Are the retail outlets simply preying on the new, insecure partents who feel they must get the best for their children for fear that by not doing so will either hamper their physical maturity or cost them later during pre-teen theropy sessions? That would be my guess.

Hey, Mr. Gates: 'Where do I want to go today?' How about to a store with baby shoes tagged with a realistic baby shoe price? Try writing some software for that will ya?

They are cute shoes though and they'll be great for the next month or so that he's actually able to fit into them.